Al Ain Finance (AAF), as part of continuous cycle, agrees to purchase your unpaid invoices of pre-approved buyers. We undertake the responsibility of managing your sales ledger, collecting the receivables and provide you advance payments up to 85% of the invoice value. This arrangement must be notified to your buyers.

What is Invoice Factoring?

Invoice Factoring is a budgetary exchange and a sort of indebted person fund in which a business offers its records receivable (solicitations) to an outsider (figuring organization) at a markdown. A business will now and then factor its Receivable Finance or resources for meet its present and prompt money needs.

Invoice Discounting (Undisclosed Factoring):

Invoice Discounting is provided for suppliers requiring finance but not the other services and are not required to notify their buyers to pay direct to AAF. Payments must be deposited by the buyer into a controlled account.

Reverse Factoring ( Supply Chain Finance):

Reverse Factoring is based on a Cooperation agreement between a large Buyer, its suppliers and Al Ain Finance. The suppliers are invoicing the large Buyer, who confirms the correctness of the respective invoices to AAF. In that case, up to 100% of the invoice amount can be immediately transferred from AAF to the supplier's bank account. The large Buyer then pays directly AAF on due date.

Reverse Factoring is a true WIN-WIN solution as the Buyer can make use of longer payment terms and the supplier can have an immediate access to cash at very reasonable cost

Purchase Order Finance:

A product that allows suppliers to avail finance on the purchase orders raised by pre-approved buyers. The buyer raises a Purchase Order for delivery of goods. The suppler raises a LPO finance from AAF to raise sufficient working capital to start the production line to be able to deliver the goods as per the contract. AAF finances the approved amount against PO and remits the advance sum directly to the Vendor.

Using the working capital, the supplier can start the production line and delivers goods to his buyer. Once the goods are delivered, supplier raises an Invoice and the finance amount can be converted from PO finance to Factoring.

Medical Factoring:

it is a Receivable Finance solution that allows customers (pharmacies, small clinics etc.) to finance their slow-paying medical claims. The advance Online payment is provided as soon as the customer submits the claims and it covers normally up to 75% - 80% of the claim value. The remaining 20%-25% is released once the claim is paid by the Insurance Company (minus any rejections). Payments are deposited by the Insurance Company into a controlled account.